The EXODOLA Gondola System

High Quality Retail Gondola System for All

The EXODOLA Gondola System can be used by anyone from large retailers, small mom and pop stores, and even in the household or garage. We will be constantly unveiling new products and accessories for our system to meet all the demands of our customers.

Our gondolas are not built the same as the competition. You can tell by the weight, fit, feel, and finish that you are using a high quality, durable system that will withstand the test of time. The Exodola Gondolas utilize our own shelving and accessories while allowing you to use your existing Lozier shelves as well.

Contact us directly for larger, or custom orders!

Quick and Easy Tool-Free Assembly

No tools needed to assemble the Gondola system. All shelves drop into place within seconds! Check out the video at the bottom of this page!

Highly Customizable and Modular

We have a full suite of width, height, single sided, double sided, colors, accessories, and other options available to match any store layout. Our uprights are also compatible with many of our competitors' stock, so no need to waste any old materials!

Custom Designed Gondola Solutions

We do not only provide pre-existing design options, contact us for custom solutions or to assist in laying out your store for maximum efficiency. Our engineers and designers can help you with making the right product selections.

Made in the USA

One of the only manufacturers that have kept our fabrication and manufacturing in-house within the USA. We do not compromise on quality and lead times in order to save a tiny bit of overall profit at our customer's expense.

  • Starter Kit or Add On Kit

    If you are purchasing for the first time or to start a row of Gondolas you will need a starter kit which comes with 2 uprights. Add on kits only include one upright.

  • Choose Height and Width

    Standard heights are 54", 72", and 96". Standard widths are 48" and 36". See layout drawings on the individual product pages for more information.

  • Depth and Color

    Standard depths are 13", 18", and 24". Exact dimensions may be different, check product sheets for measurements. Standard color choices are white and white with custom colors available.

  • Single or Double Sided

    Double sided Gondolas are free-standing and do not need additional anchoring. Single sided Gondolas are required to be fastened into the wall. All systems come with leveling feet.

  • Add Shelves and Accessories to Order

    Please note the standalone and add-on kits do NOT include shelves or other accessories. However, these can easily be added to the order separately.

What are Gondolas?

You've seen them everywhere, even if you have not realized it, every time you go shopping. Retail gondolas are the shelving and display systems used by retailers and stores to display their products for sale.

Ours are different, because they're strong, they are easy to assemble,they are locally made in the USA, and as a company, EXODOLA can cater to the specific needs of our customers quickly, and with expertise.

We will also be expanding our product offerings beyond strictly the retail space. Look forward to our growth and new product offerings!